7 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Cupcakes to Look as Good as They Taste Without Too Much Effort

So, you have got the delicious cake part of your cupcake and you have matched it with the perfect icing. It is still missing something, but you are not sure what. Today, I am going to help you out. I have made a list of all the things that I have used to spruce up cupcakes and make them look that extra bit yummy. You can use this with store bought or homemade cupcakes.

Candy – Any type of candy can be used to decorate your cupcakes. Small candies like Skittles to large chocolate pieces will do. What you choose will depend on the theme and what you want it to look like.

Sprinkles and spice – You will find many different types of sprinkles. Chocolate, vanilla, hundreds-and-thousands, choc chips, flower-shaped, fine sugar, and even tiny silver pearls.

Fresh fruit – Fruit is a nice low-calorie topping for your cupcakes. They are beautiful, have lovely colors, and taste great. You can use fruit that is cut into pieces, make a jam-like consistency, or even add the fruit to the frosting.

Toys – If your party and cupcakes have a specific theme, use related toys or figurines. You can get some edible shapes as well ones that are made by professionals. Make sure that it is safe for children.

Different colors – Use colorants to make different colored icing and toppings. This looks great and works well with themes as well. It gives you some nice variety.

Edible flowers – Edible flowers are quite big in gourmet dining. Use these beautiful things to make your cupcakes look like masterpieces. It gives great color to the cupcake itself and can also be used as extra decoration.

Cupcake holders or liners – You don’t need to go fancy with the icing if you don’t want. You can add some charm to your cupcakes by using different color or patterned cupcake holders or liners.

Now you have many options that can spruce up your cupcakes and take them to the next level. Yummy taste is always better than looks, but it sure helps if you have some good-looking cupcakes.

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