Our cupcakes are freshly baked everyday. We have several different flavors that have been perfected over time. We have 8 main flavors, but we also take orders for specific cupcakes. These need to be ordered ahead of time. Certain terms and conditions will be applicable.

The recipe for our cupcakes has been perfected by our wonderful owner over years. He mixed and remixed cupcake ingredients approximately 12 000 times before he was happy with the main flavors we offer today. They must be pretty good if they were born from that type of dedication. The icing and other toppings were developed in an equally dedicated manner and suit the cake they go with perfectly.

Our main flavors are:

  • Chocolate cupcakes with caramel topping and sprinkles
  • Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry flavored icing and fresh strawberries
  • Vanilla cupcakes with lemon flavored icing and lemon zest
  • Latte flavored cupcakes with coffee flavored topping and coffee beans
  • Peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate and peanut butter topping and syrup glaze
  • Chocolate cupcakes with caramel inside and 3 types of chocolate topping and a cherry
  • Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese topping and sprinkles
  • Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese topping and walnuts

These are our main cupcakes on offer at both our shops. Variations of these can be ordered. Any cupcakes that fall completely out of this range will need to be researched and perfected before delivery. It will cost more and need to be ordered at least 7 days ahead of the time it is needed.